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Dancing with the Stars is BACK!!!

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On Saturday, September 12, 2015, we invite you to join us for Dancing with the Stars the Good Shepherd Way – our premier fundraising event of the year.  Our dancers are working hard with choreographers to perfect a dance routine worthy of your vote!

Use the links below for ticket and sponsorship info or contact Jamie Roy at (504) 598-9399 or

Online voting is now open!


From the Principal – 8/24/2015

Week two has come and gone. The majority of our students have a very good understanding of the daily rules, policies, and procedures. Some of them understand the rules, policies, and procedures, but are making unwise decisions by disregarding them. We are asking our parents to explain to their children that the number one priorities at school are instruction and learning, which takes place all the time. All students must pay attention so they won’t miss anything. We hold very high expectations for all of our students and we expect them to rise to those expectations. There is absolutely NO ROOM for laziness or a lack-of-concern regarding their academics. Please join us in encouraging your children to:

  • Come to school prepared every day and take their school work seriously
  • Pay attention in class and complete all classwork and homework
  • Follow all school/class rules and give 100% effort in everything everyday

T.I.P. [The Informed Parent]: Top Study Habits

  • Beat Procrastination! Teach your child, by example, not to put off tasks.
  • Instead of denying your child privileges for not studying, offer him/her rewards or incentives for getting the schoolwork done.
  • Get Organized! Ensure that your grade-schooler has separate sections in his/her notebook for notes, homework, and graded materials for each class.
  • Make sure your child is taking notes in class for information and studying
  • After class or in the evenings, encourage your child to write a review of key ideas from each class.
  • Teach your child to be an active reader, who spends time reading daily
  • Encourage your child to read through textbook sections before they’re reviewed in class.
  • When studying for a test, suggest that your child arranges class and reading notes chronologically to ensure that the appropriate material is studied
  • A combination of memorization and concept comprehension will yield the longest-lasting and most complete knowledge.


School Uniform

  • ALL students must be in the correct uniform each day unless otherwise indicated in a notice sent home to parents
  • The correct school shoe is solid black with no other color designs on the tennis shoe. No exceptions
  • Uniform violation notices will be sent home

P. E. Uniform

  • All students are required to and expected to wear the correct uniform for their P. E. classes, which will be held twice a week. The color of the P. E. shirt is now grey. Uniforms can be purchased from the office.
  • P. E. shirts are $8, the youth size shorts are $10, and adult size shorts are $12


  • All students are expected to be well groomed every day and to wear their hair according to school policy.
  • Boys may not have flat tops, braids, corn rows, fades, Mohawks, lines, strips, rows, logos, letters, tails or V’s.
  • Girls may not wear extensions that go past their shoulder blades.
  • Parents will receive uniform violation notices and will have a reasonable time to correct the violation

Dismissal for August and Early September

  • Students will be dismissed at 4:00p for the month of August and must be picked up on time to avoid having to pay the late fee of $1.00/minute
  • Parents receiving a late fee notice must pay the late fee on the next school day.

Dismissal After Labor Day

  • Enrichment starts on September 8th and 5:00p dismissal will begin at that time, Monday – Thursday and 4:00p dismissal on Friday
  • Parents must pick their children up on time to avoid having to pay the late fee of $1.00 a minute.

Progress Report One

  • Goes home on August 28th


This event took place last Saturday and was attended by many parents and their children. Please see the number of families that participated for each class below:

  • K: four families
  • 1st: eight families
  • 2nd: four families
  • 3rd: five families
  • 4th: four families
  • 5th: one family
  • 6th: one family
  • 7th: one family

The total number of families in our school is 86. The number of families participating in FAMILY LITERACY DAY was 28, which equals 33% of our families. Our next family day event is Family Math Day, October 17th, 9 – 12 noon. We want to improve the participation of families, so please mark your calendars early and plan to attend with your child.


The Box Tops for Education Program affords schools the opportunity to collect box tops from certain products and redeem them for money to purchase materials for the classroom. Ms. Eunice Vaughns is coordinating this program for our school. Please go to the website below to find a list of over 250 products containing box tops for this program. Start collecting your box tops now, place them in a zip lock bag, and send them to school with your child. Special thanks to Ms. Vaughns for her help and dedication to this program. See the website:


All families are required to pay an Activity Fee of $125 per child. The first installment is due by September 30th. Please see the Handbook for more details.


Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.

Print the September Calendar

Welcome to Good Shepherd School

Opened in 2001 as part of the vision of the late Fr. Harry Tompson, S.J., the Good Shepherd School provides an excellent education, paid for by benefactors, in a safe and nurturing environment to at-risk, under-served children in New Orleans. The effect of this exceptional academic opportunity is to empower these children by providing them with the tools to break away from the cycle of poverty into which they are born.

To view our current fact sheet, click here.

From the Principal: Welcome Back!

Dear Parents,

Welcome Back! The staff and I look forward to working with your family and anticipate a great year. We continue to hold high expectations for all of our students and by working together, we can help them reach their highest potential. It is our intention to “raise the bar”, thereby providing our students with more challenging opportunities to help them succeed. We will expect them to do the following consistently:

  • Read at home with someone for at least thirty minutes daily
  • Complete all homework and spend time in the evening studying for the next day
  • Practice handwriting daily
  • Learn all math facts, including times tables

You will hear more about the new year at Back-to-School Night on Thursday, August 6th, from 6:00 – 7:30p. We need all parents to attend.

T. I. P. [The Informed Parent]

When the school year begins, your newsletter will come home every Monday, unless there is no school. A part of the newsletter is called The Informed Parent (T.I.P.). It gives parents information on a variety of topics. The very first T.I.P. deals with tardiness, which is an issue that can have a negative effect on a student’s success.

Breaking the Cycle of Tardiness

Students are tardy for a variety of reasons, but being late to class can become a habit that can have a negative effect on their success in school. The most crucial learning hours of a school day are the morning hours, when students are most attentive. Students who are tardy miss the beginning of their morning classes, and they also cause a distraction when they arrive late to class. Also, when students are tardy, they negatively impact their teachers and other students. When teachers allow tardy students to make up work, this often requires them to restructure their lessons or re-teach missed material. Tardiness also takes other students’ attention away from a teacher’s lesson, leading to more behavior problems and missed instruction.

One of our major goals is to eliminate habitual tardiness in our school and we are counting on you to help us accomplish this by bringing your children to school on time every day.


  • The first day of school is Monday, August 10th
  • The side door on Perdido Street opens at 7:15a
  • Breakfast will be served from 7:15 – 7:35a
  • Dismissal for the month of August is at 4:00p and all children must be picked up on time to avoid the late fee.
  • 5:00p dismissal starts after Labor Day

Staff Development Day – CHANGE

The day for our Staff Development Meetings has changed to the first and third Friday of the month. The first meeting for this year will take place on Friday, August 21st. All students will be dismissed at 1:00p and must be picked up on time to avoid having to pay a late fee.

Saturday School – CHANGE

There will be six Saturday classes this year and each Saturday will have a special theme. Our first Saturday class will take place on August 22nd, from 9:00 – 12:00p. The theme is “Family Literacy Day!” The activities that will take place are designed to promote literacy and will provide more opportunities for teachers, parents, and students to interact. The session is for our students and their parents. Please mark the date on your calendar.


The school supplies that must be provided by the parents are as follows for students in grades K – 7:

  • Backpack (water resistant and no wheels)
  • 3 large Boxes of Kleenex
  • 2 Packs of Wet Wipes
  • 1 box Ziploc bags
  • 2 Rolls of Paper Towels
  • A Change of Clothes – Kindergarten Students

The school will use part of the activity fee to purchase notebooks and other materials needed for class.


The activity fee is mandatory. Each family is required to pay a $125 activity fee for each child enrolled in the school. The school may increase this fee as deemed necessary. One-half of the activity fee must be paid by the last school day in September. The balance must be paid by the last school day in February each school year. The fee pays for field trips, admission fees, and supplies.

Mrs. Emily M. Paul, Principal

2015 Science Fair Results

The Good Shepherd School held its Annual Science Fair on Thursday May 14.

100% of the 4th-6th graders participated.

Congratulations to the Science Fair Winners!


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Good Shepherd Students Visit St Clement of Rome

On April 8, Good Shepherd School students of the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade visited the students of St. Clement of Rome in Metairie to attend a morning mass at their church and then participate in several activities relating to health and nutrition.

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There were 5 stations set up in their gym and the students from both schools were split up into five groups, rotating to each station every 15 minutes or so.  The learning experience was fun and they made some new friends along the way.

Afterward, the Good Shepherd students were given a tour of the school and met some of the staff and teachers.  There was a brief stop off at Bright playground to eat a bag lunch and congregate around the play area.  All students agreed that it was a very enjoyable outing.